Men’s Health: Most Common Problems and Concerns

There is no doubt that the organisms of a man and a woman have much in common, though also differ greatly. What is usual for males’ health condition can be extraordinary for females’, and vice versa. The results of multiple researches and investigations have shown that women are much healthier and less sensitive to diseases. Taking into account top 15 illnesses that cause death, men lead in the prevailing number of them, except of Alzheimer’s issue and multiple others. It happened due to the fact that men do not live enough to face this problem. Additionally, it is reported that men die around 5-7 years earlier than their wives.

What causes such early deaths? What are the reasons of such discrepancies? You will never find the correct answer that suits all the cases, but the difference is caused by a complex of reasons, including biological, psychical and emotional. Men see a doctor rarely, they do not stick to a healthy diet, they do not exercise much and actually put their health at the very last point. Such a situation causes a great number of diseases that males commonly suffer from.

Top 5 Most Devastating Health Problems in Males

There is hardly any health complication that appears from nothing. Excess smoking, drinking and other lifestyle habits serve the reasons for diverse health conditions that strike men including:

  • Erectile dysfunction. Despite the condition is not life-threatening, it indicates a dangerous health disorder. Also known as impotence, the condition hits around two thirds of the whole male popularity over 60 and almost half of men in their 40s. The condition does not only prevent a man from a successful sexual intercourse, it restricts him from a full and healthy life. Most frequently atherosclerosis has been the reason of its appearance, as it affects the blood circulation eliminating its flow to the penile organs. This process results in failure to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for sex. Additionally, erectile dysfunction signals about more serious background problem, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Cardiovascular disease. The second most spread problem is frequently called atherosclerosis that literally means hardening of the arteries. This condition brings a range of dangers, including blood clots in the heart and brain that can block the whole artery and lead to stroke or heart attack. In cardiovascular issues, cholesterol invades vital organs stimulating the development of multiple severe health complication. It is approved that men suffer from this problem more often and much earlier. High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, constant smoking, consumption of saturated fats and other harmful habits increase the risks of cardiovascular disease appearance.
  • Prostate cancer is one of the males-only diseases that causes multiple inconveniences for living and dangers to the general health condition. A small gland behind the penis features important fluid secreting, indispensable for proper ejaculation. Generally, the problems become disturbing with age, but many young people experience the condition. Prostate cancer is an extremely spread disease among men worldwide. However, despite the severity of the disease, the problem is slow-growing and is not likely to spread fast, affecting other vital organs. Only 20% of men suffering from prostate cancer rapidly die because of the issue. Consult your healthcare provider the moment you have noticed any abnormalities in ejaculation and eliminate your risks of prostate cancer.
  • Lung cancer is an aggressive and highly metastatic disease that strikes mainly men. The condition features cunning, as it spreads very fast before any symptoms appear. Your doctor will not also notice the complication on X-ray before it grows large and hits important body organs. This cancer type is one of the most dangerous as it is constantly advancing and difficult to treat. Smoking in general and tobacco smoke in particular causes around 90% of lung cancer cases in men. The only way to help is quit smoking and start a healthy lifestyle.
  • Diabetes is ranged as a top-devastating condition that strikes men. The most threatening and devastating issue of this disease lies in its silent beginning and development, without symptoms and any abnormalities. Blood sugar levels grow higher with every single year getting into the urine. As the result, you get frequent urination and constant thirst that causes a concern. When you are diagnosed with diabetes, the only possible way to improve the condition is to start controlling the foods consumed, change a lifestyle and undergo a medical treatment course.