Women’s Health: Disturbing Conditions and Concerns

Comparing males and females, it is possible to judge that women are less sensitive to health issues, such as cardiovascular disorders, while they frequently suffer from depressions, anxiety, heart problems, autoimmune issues and multiple others. These conditions are likely to be extremely dangerous for women. A great number of investigations have been made to see the causes of these nasty problems and find solutions. To prevent such ailments, women should cooperate with their healthcare providers, looking for reasons and possible ways out. Numerous health complications in women are genetical, thus, it is inevitable to learn family medical history to be aware of your potential health problems.

Top 5 Devastating Diseases in Women

If men are often to blame for their severe conditions as they smoke, drink much alcohol and lead an unhealthy lifestyle, women are more concerned, and their illnesses appear prevailingly because of nerves and anxieties. So, learn the list of frequently appearing female health conditions and alternative ways to avoid or treat them.

  • Breast cancer is women’s disease number one after lung cancer. Even despite a great number of treatments for this type of cancer available, it remains one of the most common death reasons. The danger of breast cancer can sometimes be exaggerated, so that diagnose should not sound like a sentence. The only thing you have to do is consult a healthcare provider and find an appropriate solution for your case. Additionally, investigate your personal health carefully to prevent the appearance of breast cancer. Once you find yourself at the risk factor of cancer, start a preventive treatment course and visit your doctor regularly. The main causes of breast cancer appearance are genes, aging process, earlier breast biopsy, obesity, alcohol abuse, a few medications and history of the disease.
  • Depression appears to be the most ‘womanish’ condition ever, as it strikes women twice more often than men. There are surely multiple causes of these complications, but the most obvious and traditional is the hormonal change. The condition is most likely to appear after pregnancy or in the menopausal period. Among other reasons of depression are marital problems, alcohol, tobacco or drug abuse, stress, heart problems, diverse chronic diseases, medications, surgery or severe illness, worry or anxiety, the history of depression, etc. Even though the condition is widely spread among women, it is more psychological, so cardinal lifestyle changes and habit variations can produce a preferable effect and improve the situation.
  • Heart disease is another killer of female health. The third part of all women's deaths is caused right by this condition. Women are diagnosed with the condition much more rarely, but die from it much more often. The only reason for this lies in the difficulty finding the problem in women. In general, the symptoms of heart problems include chest pain, headaches, difficulty breathing, etc., while females experience different ones. You can have no chest pain or dizziness, but you will suffer from shoulder pain, jaw ache, nausea, vomiting and shortness of breathing instead. These symptoms are commonly underestimated as they cannot be dangerous. However, the combination of these complications can lead to late diagnosing and insufficient heart disease treatment. The main causes of heart problems in women include high blood pressure, aging process, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, heredity, inactivity, smoking and others.
  • Autoimmune diseases are disorders when the immune system attacks the organism, destroying the tissues. There is a great number of illnesses belonging to this category, such as multiple sclerosis, lupus and type 1 diabetes. According to the statistics, about 70% of all the autoimmune problems appear in women. In general, every single disease in this group is likely to be uncommon, but in total they serve one of the main causes of disabilities. The initial reasons of diseases are not known, but the combination of hormonal, genetic and environmental factors are suspected to produce the impact.
  • Osteoporosis is a condition that threatens around 60% of female popularity. Generally, it is preventable, as lifestyle and routine predetermines the appearance of the issue. Though, it is never too late to maintain bones strong, so you should not wait until you will have to restore them and repair fractures. The common reasons for osteoporosis appearance are anorexia, small boned frame, low in vitamin and calcium diet, hormones, smoking, excess weight, medication intake. Change your sedentary lifestyle and fill it with regular exercises to prevent the condition.